The Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

The islands are an oasis in the north Atlantic Ocean situated only a two hours flight from the European mainland,  18 mountainous islands with a total of 1.289 km coastline.
The distance to the ocean is at no point more than 5 km which gives the visitor a unique possibility to experience a diversity of nature sceneries, steep cliffs dramatically meeting the ocean, the tranquil mountains and valleys, small villages and the capital's city life.

The capital of the Faroe Islands is Tórshavn - the smallest capital in the world - which annually has around 1000 hours of sun and during summer you will have ample opportunities to sit at one of the many outdoor trattorias and soak in the special atmosphere; you can go shopping in the trendy stores or enjoy the rich cultural life. 


The weather is extremely changeable which makes it so fascinating - it is rather common to experience all four seasons in one day!

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