Kangerlussuaq Excursions

Kangerlussuaq Excursions 2020

Kangerlussuaq Sigtseeing

We always recommend the Kangerlussuaq Sightseeing tour in order to  be acquainted with the fascinating history of the area. You will get a profound impression of the former US Airbase, the interesting sites in the Kangerlussuaq area with its beautiful surrounding nature.

Approx. 2 hours. DKK 375 p.p.  Operated all year.

Tundra Safari

We go through the "ice-age" tundra landscape by 4WD truck and the guide tells about the more than 6.000 musk oxen living wildly in the Kangerlussuaq area. It is never to know if we come close the wild animals or simply observe them from a distance. The guide will always brings binoculars, giving good chances to seeing these amazing animals and other wildlife. 
Approx. 1½ hours. DKK 275 p.p. Operated all year.

Inland Ice Cap at Point 660

Amazing Inland Ice Cap, Point 660

By 4WD-vehicles through an incredible landscape, over mountains, through plains and arctic desert valleys. A fantastic moraine landscape appears and at the end of the road we walk up to and on the "never ending" ice cap – a unique experience. We spend time in this vast world of ice before going back. Good chances of spotting reindeer, musk oxen and - depending on the time of the year - many species of birds and flowers.
Approx. 5 hours. DKK 650 p.p. incl. hot drink.
Operated all year.
Ice cap tour with barbeque, DKK 995.

Inland Ice Cap, Russel Glacier

This excursion is similar to Greenland Ice Cap, Point 660. Instead of approaching the Inland Ice Cap at Point 660 we drive to the spectacular Russell Glacier and an impressive sight with its vertical ice walls rising as high as 40 metres will take everybodies breath away.

Approx 5 hours. DKK 625 p.p. incl. hot drink. Operated all year.

Russel Glacier
Hiking on Greenland Inland Ice Cap

Ice Cap Adventure, full day

Only a few  gets farther into the ice cap than 200 meters. A pity, as the it becomes a unique landscape with hills and valleys covered by crystal blue melt water streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Equipped with crampons, hiking poles and a skilled guide, everyone who can hike for 3 hours should join this unique experience with 500 meters of ice under your feet. 

Approx 8 hours. DKK 995 p.p. incl. lunch and equipment. Operated all year.

Sightseeing flights, Summer

Various sightseeing flights with fix-winged aircraft over the fascinating arctic landscape: To the Inland Ice Cap or Musk Oxen Safari (Musk Oxen guaranteed).

Approx. 25 min. airborn.  DKK 1.295 p.p.

Kangerlussuaq Hiking


The area around Kangerlussuaq is a splendid hiking & biking area - to waterfalls, viewpoints, the Salty Lake or to the garment rocks - and going on your own is of course free of charge. Guided hikes are offered if you wish to feel more secure. Hiking maps are available at the destination.
With guide approx 5 hours, DKK 695 incl. transfers, lunch and hammer.

Northern Lights Hunt, winter only

A very dry climate and an often clear sky make Kangerlussuaq one of the best locations in the world to experience the amazing ghost like northern lights. We go by car into the dark mountains - with no light pollution at all in order to experience this fenomena. Later we gather for special Greenlandic Coffee.                        
Duration 2 hours, DKK 400 p.p.                   Expected period: Mid Sep - Ult March.

Northern Light tour incl. photo school, DKK 695

Camp Ice Cap

Camp Ice Cap, mid March to mid October

Two days at the inland ice cap with an experienced guide and all security regulations met. After a light hike at the ice cap we arrive to Camp Ice Cap; we arrange the camp and spend the remain of the day enjoying the unique silence and greatness in this world of ice. Tents and warm sleepingbags are provided and the following we explore the exciting surroundings until transfer by to Kangerlussuaq.

Duration 2 days & 1 night,   DKK 2.695 p.p. 

Dogsled Adveture, winter only

Your Greenlandic driver and his pack of 8-12 huskies will take you for a ride on the frozen fiord - the traditional way of "winter travelling" like the locals have done it for a 1000 years. 

2 hours, DKK 1.645 p.p.   4 hours, DKK 2.450.
Expected period: January-March.
Note: More persons per sled is possible; rent of polar clothing is included.

Ice Fishing, winter only

Try your fishing skills through holes in the frozen fiord with good possibilities to catch a cod-fish. Tours are guided by a local experienced fisherman and fishing gear is included.

DKK 450, apprx. 5 hours, expected period: January-March.

Rent of Polar Clothing

Rent of Polar clothing is included in our excursions by dogsled, but if we have extra (not booked for dogsled) it will also be possible to rent Polar skin clothing. Please contact us for rental.

Fur Polar clothing incl. sorel boots, DKK 375 p.p. for 1  day .

Important Note!

Operation of all excursions is depending upon weather conditions. We therefore reserve the right to cancel or alter the operation of excursions if the power of nature should hold us back. We will of course always seek to offer an alternative. We also kindly ask you to pay attention to the special WAIVER RELEASE AGREEMENT REGARDING DOGSLEDDING IN GREENLAND - PLEASE CLICK HERE!