Ilulissat, summer programs

 Ilulissat, the Town of Icebergs

 The Town of Icebergs

Ilulissat is the Greenlandic word for "place with icebergs" and every visitor will immediately understand why this town is named so: All year round gigantic  icebergs, coming from the Ilulissat glacier, are seen  just outside of the town. The glacier is the most productive one in the northern hemisphere with a yearly production of 35 km3 of ice. In 2004 the glacier and the icefjord were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.   

We offer Ilulissat arrangements 3 days or more and we also offer choice of accomodation from simple guesthouse to 4 star hotel.

Midnight Sun & Northern Lights

Ilulissat is situated 69,13 N which is about 250 kilometres north of the Polars Circle and this means that the sun will not be below the horizo form 21st May to the end of July. A midnightsun cruise between the gigantic icebergs is an experience of a liftetime. Furthermore, Ilulissat has very bright nights during May and in the start of August, and as soon as the dark nights return in the beginning of September, it is actually possible to experience northern lights!

Active Glaciers and isolated Villages

We arrange excursions from Ilulissat to active glaciers and to isolated villages where traces of the old Greenland are to be experienced.

Gateways to Ilulissat

Gateways to Ilulissat are Reykjavik and Copenhagen, and if your gateway is Copenhagen it will be possible to combine Ilulissat with a stay in Kangerlussuaq. Please click for details

Ilulissat icebergs in the light of the midnight sun
Eqi Glacier north of Ilulissat
Arctic Wildlife in Kangerlussuaq