South Greenland Excursions

South Greenland Excursions, 2019

Summer only

Blue Ice Camp

Put up your tent at Narsarsuk next to the Qooroq Ice Fjord - the perfect spot to experience the quietness and the greatness on hikes on your own. A small cabin (free of use),  is solid fastened to the ground as emergency shelter in case of a storm, offering kitchen facilities such as a stove, pots, pans, plates etc.  Disembarkation at the camp by zodiac.

DKK 900   p.p. per return transfer by boat (minimum 2 persons)

Hike to the Inland Ice Cap

By  coach into the Hospital Valley and hike into the fertile "Flower Valley". Enjoy the colourful sub arctic flora and the unique nature in this sheltered former glacier valley, when hiking towards the Inland Ice Cap. At the bottom of the valley we climb a 300 meter high mountain reaching a view point overlooking the glacier and the Ice Cap while enjoying lunch. 

Approx 7 hours,  DKK 400 incl. lunch packet & guide.

Qoroq Icefjord

By boat to the Qoroq Ice Fjord and  in slow speed between the icebergs towards the Qoroq Glacier, that calves about 200.000 tons of ice per day! Many of the the icebergs have a rich turquoise colour with the most fantastic shapes and sizes.                     

1½ -  3 hours, DKK 580.

Qassiarsuk & Eric the Red´s Viking Ruins

From Narsarsuaq by boat (15 min.) to the sheepbreading village Qassiarsuk. Take a stroll through the village, which beautifully combines ancient history and modern living, and visit the Brattahlid open-air museum, which consists of the replicas of Tjodhilde’s Church and a Norse longhouse. 

Approx 3½ hours,  DKK 400 p.p. incl. leaflet with map.

The Ice Cap by boat from Narsaq

Crossing the wide fjord Sermilik  among drifting icebergs  to what the locals call the Twin Glacier. An amazing spot, where you can literally touch the ice cap! In the 1980's the glacier was calving lots of icebergs into the fjord. Today, the ice breaks off on land!  On the return we pass by bird-cliffs and a scenic waterfall.                        Approx 4 hours w. 1 hour groundstop,  DKK 900 p.p.


Transfer to the harbour and by boat to Itilleq from where we walk about 4 km to Igaliku, one of the most beautiful villages in Greenland. During the Viking period this was the Episcopal seat and the ruins from the Viking period still remain. Today the village thrives from sheep farming. Time to eexplore the village and/or enjoy lunch (not incl. in price) at the country hotel. Return cruise by boat to Narsarsuaq in late afternoon.

                          Approx 8 hours,  DKK 750 per person.

Optional transport by car between  Itilleq and  Igaliku, DKK 300 (one way).

Angler´s Paradise

More rivers around Eric's Fjord are rich on arctic char and trout - a true paradise for anglers! Narsarsuaq is an excellent starting point for a fishing holiday with fishing spots in easy reach. All prices incl. boat transfer. Narsarsuaq River, DKK 500 p.p. Qorlortoq River, DKK 900 p.p. Qinngua River, DKK 1100  p.p. Ilua, DKK 1.200 p.p. Min 2 persons.

NOTE Greenland national fishing license is obligatory, DKK 250 pr. week and Ilua River is under a fishing concession with extra fee of DKK 645 per day.

Helicopter Sightseeing

Helicopter excursions gives to you a bird’s eye view of icebergs,  glaciers, the ice cap, crystal clear fjords, spectacular valleys - and our small helicopter is perfect  to admire the landscape and take photos.

Tour 1: We fly over the Inland Ice Cap and  three different glaciers; Qooroq Glacier calving into the fjord, Motzfelt Clacier calving into a lake and Narsarsuaq Glacier feeding  an enormous quantities of meltwater to produce the Narsarsuaq River.

Tour 2: During this flight we also land near an active glacier, where -if you are lucky -  will be able to see icebergs break off the glacier and plunge down into the fjord just beneath you!

Tour 1, Round flight 20 min. airborne min. DKK 1.950  per person.

Tour 2, 1 hour, 30 min. airborne & 30 min. groundstop. DKK 2.850 per person.

Please note: Minimum 5 persons.

Important Note!

Operation of all excursions is depending upon weather conditions. We therefore reserve the right to cancel or alter the operation of excursions if the power of nature should hold us back. We will of course always seek to offer an alternative.