East Greenland Excursions

East Greenland Excursions 2018

Kulusuk & Tasiilaq, Summer

Kulusuk Icebergs
Kulusuk view
Helheim Glacier
Glacier of Johan Petersen Fjord
Tasiilaq evening cruise

Private Boat Tours, Kulusuk

During summer the sea around Kulusuk is dotted with icebergs of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy a  boat tour between the icebergs to the mountainous Apusiaajik Island, where a glacier comes flowing from the island into the sea.  Operated from May - September. Price according to duration, please ask for an offer.  All tours are weather & ice depended.

Kulusuk Village Walk

A 15-20 min. walk from Hotel Kulusuk lies Greenlands most popular village, that - despite being close to the airport - is a settlement of fishermen and hunters. There is a small harbour, shop, church, workshop for sealskins and carving. A glimpse of traditional East Greenland. Duration 2 hours, DKK 195. Operated from June to September.

Apusiajik Glacier by Boat, Kulusuk

Sailing past fascinating varieties of icebergs crossing the local fjord. We take you  close to our local glacier Apusiaajik ('Little' glacier) in our open 10-persons boat (warm clothes in layers highly recommended). The boat tour is considered a must giving the possibility to go as close to the glacier as safety permits. Duration 1½ hour, DKK 485. Operated from May to September if ice conditions permit.

Mountain Tour by Bus, Kulusuk

We go by bus on an  8 kilometres long road  to a previous US military radar station. From here you will be able to enjoy the  view of the majestic coastal mountains to the ocean with ice floes and icebergs in the distance. A wonderful chance to experience this  panoramic view of the stunning landscape. Duration 1½ hour, DKK 375. Operated from May to September if snow conditions permit.

By Helicopter to The Helheim Glacier, Tasiilaq

This tour to one of the greatest glaciers of Greenland  is an absolute must for the explorer. The Helheim Glacier is  200 km long and almost 6 km wide and  one the most active glaciers in generating icebergs from the Greenlandic ice cap and  moves 30 metres a day. See one of the largest and most active glaciers in the world. Duration airborne 65 min. & 20 min. groundstop. From DKK 4.495 per person. Min. 4 pax - Max. 5 pax. See video of the dramatic ice brake-off here.

By Helicopter to The Glacier of Johan Petersen Fjord, Tasiilaq

From Tasiilaq airport we head towards Johan Petersens Fjord over the majestic mountains of East Greenland. We enter the vast Sermilik Fjord with its stunning icebergs and flows of pack ice and make ground stop near this magnificent glacier with its huge wall of ice on the mainland of Greenland. Duration airborne aprx. 40 min. & 15 min. groundstop. Price from DKK 2.995 per person. Min. 4 pax - Max. 5 pax.

Mittivakkat by Helicopter, Tasiilaq

On this tour we go up over Ammassalik Island with views to mountains, glaciers and fjords. A 20 min. groundstop is made  at over 1000 metres altitude on Mittivakkat Glaciers, an original part and the ancient Greenland Ice Cap. A stunning view with the Sermilik Fjord below us and the mainland opposite. The purity of the arctic air increases visibility making it possible see about 200 km. along the coast. Duration airborne 20 min. & 20 min. groundstop. Price fom DKK 1.595 per person. Min. 4 pax - Max. 5 pax. See video here.

Nature Walk in Tasiilaq

This ramble takes visitors out of Ammassalik "town" into a luxuriant valley where one sees the arctic summer flora and landscape. We follow a rough track (in the early summer with snow pockets) and still the terrain is not difficult. At a leisurely pace, we have time to examine the tiny, but beautiful flowers of which there is a surprising variety. Duration 1 - 2 hours, DKK 175. Operated from May  - September.

Evening Cruise, Tasiilaq

Enjoy the evening light of the arctic by boat, seeing the unique East Greenlandic pack ice and floating icebergs. During the trip we will offer you a glass of sparkling wine to finish this truly Arctic Wonderland experience. Duration 1½ hour, DKK 455. Operated from June to September.  Please note: All tours are depending on weather and ice situation.

Icebergs Tasiilaq

Iceberg Cruise, Tasiilaq

An impressive cruise into the pack ice often 10 m. or more thick with enormous icebergs among it. Huge  pieces of inland ice,  criss-crossed by blue and green stripes from glacier melt water having  run into crevasses in the more than thousands years old ice. A "must" for photographers! Duration 2 hours, DKK 475. Operated from June to September.  Please note: All tours are depending on weather and ice situation.

Ikateq Village by Boat, Tasiilaq

Going southwards to  the entrance of the vast, often ice-filled Sermilik fjord and the hunters´ village Ikateq. Here we find remains of earlier simple stone and turf houses among the colourful small wooden dwellings and a tiny, charming church also being the schoolhouse. In  summer one goes by boat and in wintertime by dogsled! The sailing route offers possibilities to spot whales. Duration 5 hours, DKK 695 incl. meal. Operated from June to September.  Please note: All tours are depending on weather and ice situation.

Important Note!

Operation of all excursions is depending upon weather conditions. We therefore reserve the right to cancel or alter the operation of excursions if the power of nature should hold us back. We will of course always seek to offer an alternative. We also kindly ask you to pay attention to the special WAIVER RELEASE AGREEMENT REGARDING DOGSLEDDING IN GREENLAND - PLEASE CLICK HERE!