East Greenland Summer

Kulusuk & Tasiilaq 

East Greenland is considered to be the back-side of Greenland even it is facing Iceland and Europe. As such the area is less developed and more exotic compared to the Greenland West Coast. 
The artistic life is characterized by a continuation of craft traditions used in earlier times to decorate weapons, household tools or masks. The East Greenlandic tupilak figurines are especially known for their quality in design and form.


East Greenland is a destination in very easy reach out of Reykjavik by air Iceland. The direct flight to Kulusuk is only approx. 2 hours.


Kulusuk is the airport and the gateway into East Greenland and located on an island. The airport is not a roaring metropolis - it is a simple runway with a nearby tourist hotel and a small settlement with no more than 250 inhabitants. Ideal if you are searching for an easy and brief Greenland visit.

For longer visits to East Greenland we advise to combine the stay with the bigger town Tasiilaq (former Angmagsalik) which is located on the mainland of Greenland - a senic and short helicopter flight away from Kulusuk.