Greenland Summer


The town of icebergs

Ilulissat and the UNESCO Heritage Site Ilulissat Icefjord, have become world famous and is indeed an experience of a life time. Ilulissat is much more than huge icebergs. It is a modern town north of the Polar Circle, small isolated settlements, where most locals still are depending upon hunting and fishing, ruins and traces of 4000 years old Inuit cultures, midnight sun and a breathtaking nature. G&ITS has its own staff in Ilulissat during the season and we offer high quality destination service and unforgettable excursions! Please click for Ilulissat Summer Programs.

Wonderfull Copenhagen


South Greenland

South Greenland has become the "forgotten gem of Greenland", which is hard to understand, as the area has much to offer: Deep blue fjords with colourful icebergs contrasting the fertile mountain slopes, active glaciers and the immense Inland Ice Cap. Not to mention historic sites with traces from the Viking Age, colourful and cozy settlements and towns - all in easy reach. G&ITS has its own staff in Narsarsuaq during high season and we offer high quality destination service and excursions! Please click for South Greenland Summer Programs.


West Greenland

Actually we do not categorize Kangerlussuaq being the "Real Greenland" with a daily life similar to the coastal cities - still Kangerlussuaq is a splendid area  for both the nature lover who wants to explore the untouched arctic nature and for the adventurer. You will find the "never ending" inland ice cap just half an hour drive from the hotel with good chances to spot wildlife animal like musk oxen  - and why not spent a night there?   We offer daily excursions with highly qualified local guides. Please click for Kangerlussuaq Summer Programs.

Iceland hot springs

Gateway Reykjavik or Copenhagen

Remote & Close

East Greenland

The two main tourist destinations in the eastern region will be Kulusuk and Tasiilaq (former Angmagssalik). Kulusuk is reached by an only 2 hours flight from Reykjavik and the area attracts many hikers. Besides time spent on your own exciting excursions are offered. Tasiilaq, the largest town in East Greenland,  is reached by helicopter. The nature in this area is quite spectacular along with the handycraft being significant as the east coast is more unspoiled than South- and West Greenland. Please click for East Greenland programs.

Gateways to Narsarsuaq and Ilulissat are Reykjavik and Copenhagen. We offer the land arrangements in Greenland as "land only" and we are also able to provide flights - even triangle Copenhagen-Iceland-Greenland-Copenhagen.

Iceland Combinations

The Greenland packages are combinable with our  Iceland package tours. Please click for info.