Ilulissat excursions winter

Ilulissat Excursions Winter 

Ilulissat Church
Whale Safari
Polar Clothing

Ilulissat City Walk

A guided city sightseeing with introduction to Ilulissat and the everyday life,  the town´s history and the culture along with Greenland´s history in general. We  pay a visit the historic part of the town back to the start of the Danish trading station and the fishermen at the harbour by their trading post “Brædtet” and learn about administration and politics in the modern Greenland. At the Knud Rasmussen (polar explorer) you will find an interesting excibition and outside a model of a turfhouse standing next to modern concrete buildings. Duration approx. 3 hours. 


By bus to the old Heliport and further by foot to the beautiful Sermermiut Valley with amazing views of the icefjord and the gigantic icebergs. In 1727 this was Greenland´s  biggest settlement with more than 250 inhabitants. We pass the ruins of Inuit dwellings and the guide tells about the different cultures that settled in this valley for more than 4000 years ago. Please be aware that there aren’t any spectaculars relics of these civilisations as the Inuits did not build huge constructions. Easy hike - and remember good walkingshoes and clothes in more layers. Duration approx. 3 hours. 

Hunters Village by Boat

The boat tour to Ilimanaq is a fine opportunity to visit an old and almost untouched inuit settlement and, at the same time, sail among the massive icebergs that lay at the mouth of the Ilulissat icefjord. We leave from Ilulissat harbour at 10 am with direction to Ilimanaq. Before reaching the village the boat will cross the famous Ilulissat icefjord with it´s massive icebergs. We have lunch at a private family and afterwards there will be a guided sightseeing with visit to the little charming church from 1904 before going back. In August we might be lucky to spot whales.  Duration approx. 6 hours. 

Iceberg Cruise

This is "a must do" excursion while visiting Ilulissat.The Ilulissat Glacier is the most productive glacier in the Northern hemisphere which  results in huge icebergs  raising up to 100 m.  above sea level. We cruise  between the gigantic  icebergs (UNESCO Heritage Site) at the mouth of the Ilulissat Icefiord and the crew tells about the icefiord and the icebergs.   Duration approx. 3 hours. 

Hunters Village by Dogsled

A day tour for those who has not more days available and still wishes to experience the Greenlandic winter nature from a different angle. We go by dogsled along the only "road" (the dogsled-track) to the village Oqaatsut. A beautiful ride in an amazing silence over the mountains, crossing the frozen fjord where huge icebergs raise  like sculptures. Prior to the tour, there will be an information meeting and all tours are led by very experienced local fishermen. Please note that departure might be changed or cancelled due to weather conditions. Duration approx. 5 hours. 

Dogsledge Experience by the Hour

These hour-based dogsled tours with  experienced local  fishermen are the perfect solution if you do not want to spend a full day outdoor or if you want to do a "test-drive" before going on longer tours. You will get this  unique opportunity to experience the dogsled  pulled by approx. 10 dogs into the an Arctic Wonderland  with the only sound of the dogs and the creaking runners beneath you. Requires good physics and proper clothing.  

Rent of Polar Clothing

It is very important to note that the right equipment is essential when travelling by dogsled. Not only need security be seen to, but wrong clothing can easily spoil your tour. Please contact us for rent of polar clothing. 

Important Note!

Operation of all excursions is depending upon weather conditions. We therefore reserve the right to cancel or alter the operation of excursions if the power of nature should hold us back. We will of course always seek to offer an alternative. We also kindly ask you to pay attention to the special WAIVER RELEASE AGREEMENT REGARDING DOGSLEDDING IN GREENLAND - PLEASE CLICK HERE!