Greenland Winter

Greenland Winter 

Nortern Lights over Ilulissat Icefjord

Ilulissat - town of Icebergs & Huskies

Ilulissat and the UNESCO Heritage Site Ilulissat Icefjord, have become world famous and a visit  is an experience of a life time.  It is also a modern town north of the Polar Circle, small isolated settlements, where most locals still are depending upon hunting and fishing, ruins and traces of 4000 years old Inuit cultures, Northern Lights and a breathtaking nature.
Gateways are Copenhagen and in March-April also Reykjavik

Kulusuk - exotic East Greenland

More weekly flights during March and April  between Reykjavik and Kulusuk opens up East Greenland also in  winter.

Based at Greenland's only village hotel you can experience the true atmosphere and  the unique lifestyle in an Inuit hunter's settlement where the local hunters still are using their dogsleds when going hunting and fishing.

Northen Lights Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq - most likely the best Northern Light destination

Kangerlussuaq is located north of the Polar Circle, deep inland at the bottom of one of the World's longest fjords - and only 4½ hours from Copenhagen.  Due to an often clear sky this location is one of the best in the world to experience the amazing northern lights. Kangerlussuaq is surrounded by unique Arctic Nature where it is possible to experience the Greenland Inland Ice Cap and Greenland wild life such as wild musk oxen and reindeer.
Kangerlussuaq is possible to combine with Ilulissat - the town of icebergs.