Greenland, summer & winter
Greenland - the biggest island in the world, and with no road nor railways to connect the different towns.
Air transportation is by smaller Airgreenland aircrafts which is rather expensive, so we strongly advise to concentracte into one area only!

Ilulissat Icefjord

Ilulissat, Summer

Experience West Greenland with its gigantic icebergs and true midnight sun from early June to end of July - or come in late Summer when the northern lights starts to flash over the sky already from beginning of September. The Ilulissat icefjord is now UNESCO Heritage Site due to it's unique nature.
                                Gateways: Keflavik and Copenhagen


South Greenland, Summer

Deep blue fjords with colourful icebergs contrasting the green and fertile mountain slopes, the inland ice, active glaciers, historical sites with traces from the viking age (now UNESCO Heritage Site) and small, cozy settlements make South Greenland one of the most beautiful areas in Greenland!

                               Gateways: Keflavik and Copenhagen

Colourful South Greenland

Kangerlussuaq, Summer

Kangerlussuaq is actually not a town but an airport surroundet by magnificent Greenlandic nature. It is also the only location in Greenland from where it is possible to drive directly to the great Inland Ice Cap. We offer package tours and a wide range of guided excursions to e.g. the tundra area, Inland Icecap (also expedition tours with overnight in tents) or hiking/fishing tours.
                                    Gateway: Copenhagen

Musk Oxen at Kangerlussuaq

Ilulissat Winter: Icebergs, dogsleds and northern lights

Make your arctic winter dreams come true! Go by dogsled into unique surroundings with flaming northern lights  and huge icebergs. No less than experiences of a life-time! 

                                   Gateway all winter: Copehagen    Gateway March: Keflavik

Northern Lights Kangerlussuaq & Camp Ice Cap Expedition, winter

During a winter stay in Kangerlussuaq you are almost guaranteed to see the amazing northern lights. Stay overnight at comfortable hotel or spend a night in Camp Ice Cap on the Greenlandic Inland Icecap and experience the real meaning of "Endlessness". Camp Ice Cap expeditions are operated both summer and winter. 

Gateway: Copehagen

Camp Ice Cap

East Greenland Winter  - Kulusuk

This 3 days program gives you a unique chance to explore a part of Greenland where you still in full will experience the traditional  Greenland with traditions and art not seen elsewhere in the country. The Arctic winter allows you to go dogsledding  and enjoy the flaming Northern Lights. Kulusuk is easy to reach  from Iceland which makes  combination programmes possible.
                                     Gateway: Reykjavik