Golf, Iceland

Golf in Iceland - under the midnight sun

Golfing in Iceland

18 holes courses of International standards

Based on the fact that Iceland is a splendid golf destination we have composed 3 attractive basic golf packages aiming at the selective golfer who wishes to be challenged and get experiences beyond the usual. As we are specialized in tailormade tours, please feel free to make other requests!


In Iceland you will find no less than 65 golfcourses of high standards; Of these, six 18-holes courses are placed in Greater Reykjavik and only a few hours drive from the capital you will find 10 additional 18-holes courses. All clubs are welcoming guests. The courses are respectfully "built-in" the surrounding nature and have therefore very different characteristicas.

Golf under the midnight sun

   An extraordinary experience

In Iceland you find "daylight" for 19-22 hours in June and July which makes it possible to play golf both day and night - and golfing under the midnightsun is quite an experience! It is for any golfer the ultimate experience to be remembered for a long time! Restaurants/cafés on all the 18-hole courses have longer opening hours during  the period of midnightsun.

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Reykjavik Golf Tour

Reykjavik & South Iceland

Reykjavik & West Iceland

Please note: Teetimes are recommended times and we keep the right to alter days or  teetimes if this should be absolutely necessary in order to make the best possible experiences for our guests.


   Dresscode and other important info

Handicap, according to EGA (European Golf Association) regulations, is required by some of the 18-holes golf courses; Usually 36 for both men and ladies. Some courses require lower handicap. Dresscode in Iceland is typically the same as all over the world. 

During summer, the courses in Greater Reykjavik are usually fully-booked and it is a must  to pre-book tee times.


Carts are for rent at some of the larger courses in a limited volume and trollies are usually available for hire at the 18-hole courses. Clubs for hire are available at the courses in the Greater Reykjavik, but less common in the countryside. Please ask for assistance before departure! If you bring along your own equipment, you need to calculate extra cost for odd luggage.


There are restaurants/cafés on all 18-hole courses and in less extent on the 9 hole courses. Restaurants are usually open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. When courses are open for midnightgolf, then they are open longer.

The weather

Unpredictable and challenging

The weather in Iceland is a very important topic and the weather conditions are often an extra challenge when playing golf as it  changes rapidly and is hard to predict. Even during summertime you need to be prepared for both rain, sun and wind. In June and July the day temperatures are typically between 10 and 18 degrees celcius and just a little colder during the nights.