Tailor made, Iceland

Basic information

This page is ment to give some basic information about possibilities and conditions
when planning a travel program in Iceland

Reykjavik based

The cheapest solution is often to stay overnight in Reykjavik (or close to Reykjavik) and explore the island on daily excursions - starting and terminating at the same hotel every day. In this way clients avoid to pack and unpack, they save the cost of accommodation and meals for driver and guide - and it is actually possible to reach a great deal of the highlights on day tours from Reykjavik.

Circle Tours, half- and full circle

Two center based

Visitors planning to spend more than 5-6 nights in Iceland - or who wants to experience more while visiting - might consider to stay overnight also in Akureyri and have a similar set up as in Reykjavik: Day excursions starting and terminating in Akureyri. The travel between Reykjavik and Akureyri is often cheapest by domestic air - but solutions such as going by coach both ways or one way by coach combined with one way by air are of course also possible.

Small Half Circle

During summer season (start June to end August) it is possible to do "half circle tours": One way between South and North is done by crossing the uninhabited highlands - a very unique experience. The crossing is done either by eastern route Kjölur between glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull (possible by normal coach) or by the western route Sprengisandur between glaciers Hofsjökull and Vatnajökull (we advise special 4W-coach). We advise to allow an absolute minimum of 5 nights for these tours. Route marked with red.

Big Half Circle

It is of course also possible to arrange an eastern half circle tour: The South, The Eastfjords and crossing the interior between north and south either by the Kjölur or Sprengisandur route. Note: Many hotels in southeast and Easticeland are very heavily booked during summer seasons - we therefore advise very early booking if this route is chosen. The Eastern Half Circle Tour is very similar to The Full Circle Tour - we therefore advise to allow an absolute minimum of 6 nights in Iceland for this tour. Route marked with blue.

Full Circle Road No. 1

Iceland Road No. 1 is a circle road almost following the coastline around the island - and it is actually possible to experience most of Icelands major highlights when following this road doing smaller detours. The circle of Road No. 1 is only approx. 1400 kilometres and is not an express highway - any tour around Iceland should of course also allow time for stops to leave the coach. We therefore advise to allow an absolute minimum of 7 nights in Iceland for this tour. Tour marked with red - without arrows.

Bigger Full Circle

A visit to Iceland is for many a "once in a lifetime experience", so why not make the most of it? If spending a few more nights it is possible to extend the circle trips with some of Icelands often forgotten highlights (Tour with arrows):

• Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Minimum 1 extra night

• The North-West Fjords: Minimum 2 extra nights

• The East Fjords: Minimum 1 extra night

• Landmannalauger: Minimum 1 extra night

Book early

Some areas in Iceland, especially the Eastern part and the area around Lake Myvatn, have a rather limited capacity of hotels. In order to be able to provide the best hotels we therefore strongly advise that  groupbookings are made approx 1 year before the planned departure.

 "Driverguide" or "driver & guide"

We arrange all tours with driverguide (request driverguide speaking your language), which of course is cheaper compared to tours with both a guide and  a driver. Due to safety reasons we do not operate coaches bigger than 18 seats with a driverguide.