Kangerlussuaq is actually an airport area situated perfectly in order to experience the magnificent Greenlandic nature. We offer package tours and a wide range of guided excursions to e.g. the tundra area, inland icecap (also in tents) or hiking/fishing tours.


Greenland, summer & winter


Ilulissat, Summer


Experience West Greenland with its huge icebergs - or make the most of it with a combine your stay in Ilulissat with 2 nights at Camp Ataa. One really gets the opportunity to experience the unspoiled nature soaked in the midnight sun and the atmosphere of a modern town in picturesque surroundings.

Ilulissat Icefjord
Colourful South Greenland


South Greenland, Summer


Deep blue fjords with colourful icebergs contrasting the green and fertile mountain slopes, the inland ice, active glaciers, historical sites with traces from the viking age and small, cozy settlements make South Greenland one of the most beautiful areas in Greenland!



Ilulissat Winter: Icebergs, dogsleds and northern lights


Make your arctic winter dreams come true! Go by dogsled into unique surroundings with flaming northern lights and huge icebergs. No less than experiences of a life-time!

Camp Ice Cap



During your winter stay in Kangerlussuaq you are almost guaranteed to see the amazing northern lights. Spend a night in tent in Camp Ice Cap on the Greenlandic Inland Icecap and experience the real meaning of "Endlessness". Camp Ice Cap expeditions are operated both summer and winter. Please note, that all safety regulations are kept; Led by skilled guides!



East Greenland Winter - Kulusuk


This 3 days program gives you a unique chance to explore a part of Greenland where you still in full will experience the traditional Greenland with traditions and art not seen elsewhere in the country. The Arctic winter allows you to go dogsledding and enjoy the flaming Northern Lights. Kulusuk is easy to reach from Iceland which makes combination programmes possible