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Greenland Cruises


The true Greenland Experience

Our Greenland cruises are not on board a de-luxe liner, but a true Greenland experience with the local coastal steamer M/S Sarfaq Ittuk.


All along the Greenland West Coast

M/S Sarfaq Ittuk is the only cruiseship that on weekly basis makes calls at all major towns from South to West. For our cruise package "Cruise A" we offer flight between Narsarsuaq and Nuuk in order to have more time in Nuuk and to avoid the south part of the cruise that includes more hours at open sea.


Nuuk-Ilulissat Cruises

Direct flights between Reykjavik and Nuuk gives good possibilities for program West Greenland only. We also offer a short cruise only 1 night at sea between Sisimiut and Ilulissat.


More than cruising only

All tours include overnight stays ashore before and after the cruise for experiencing some of the most important highlights along the way.


East Coast by old schooner

Expedition cruises in remote East Greenland are offered in corporation with the Icelandic specialist, "North Sailing".


Guide Service

G&ITS cruises include Meet & Greet in Ilulissat, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq. On board our guests are assisted by a local shipguide also offering optional guided shore excursions along the coast.


Gateway Copenhagen or Reykjavik

We offer the cruise packages as "Land arrangement Greenland" including domestic flights. Flights from Reykjavik or Copenhagen are offered optionally. We will be happy to provide these flights also and you are also to book fixed non-changeable flights at special low fares via or