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Ilulissat Winter 2018/2019



Town of icebergs


Ilulissat - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ilulissat means "icebergs" and no one visiting Ilulissat will wonder Ilusissat has this name: Gigantic icebergs are stranded in the fjord all year round. The icebergs come from the Ilulissat Glacier which is the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere with a yearly production of 35 km3 of ice. The glacier and the icefjord has been listed at the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004.

Ilulissat is also the town of the huskies. Eventhough the town today is a modern arctic town offering all facilities, the huskies and the dogsleds are still the common means of transportation when travelling to the villages and when hunters during wintertime go to and from the fishing grounds at the frozen fjord.



The Northern Lights - a bonus in the sky

The northern lights add an extra bonus to the winter guests as they will not be charged for this amazing experience - and it is never sold out. All it takes is a clear sky in dark surroundings with as little lightpollution possible. Northern lights are a part of Greenland´s characteristica and fill up the night with myths, magic and a quite unique atmosphere.



Soft Hotel Adventure or True Expedition

Our "Huskies, Icebergs & Northern Light" package offers the choice of accommodation at cozy guesthouse or comfortable 3 or 4 star hotels, but we also offer true expedition tours staying overnight in simple cabins in the Arctic Wildernes.

Please click more information about the hotel accommodation.




G&ITS will be happy to supply flights from Copenhagen or Reykjavik to Ilulissat, but note the open option to book flights yourself at where special offers might be found. Flights from Copenhagen open the possibility of an overnight stay in Kangerlussuaq with fine opportunites to experience this unique area. Click to see Kangerlussuaq Winter Programs.



Iceland / Greenland Combined

The programs described can easily be combined with our Iceland Winter FIT programs from mid February to mid April, when Air Iceland is offering direct flights between Ilulissat and Reykjavik. Please do not hesitate to contact for an offer - please click to see details.


Groups and tailor made

For group offers or tailor made programs please do not hesitate to contact Based on your requests we will make a tailor made program meeting your needs at the right prices. Please click to learn more.


Huskies, Icebergs & Northern Lights

3 nights (or more)







Day 1

Arriving at Ilulissat from Copenhagen or Reykjavik

Transfer by hotel shuttle to the hotel for check-in

Welcome information meeting at our office in Ilulissat

Overnight stay according to own choice, Ilulissat Guesthouse, Hotel Hvide Falk or Hotel Arctic


Day 2+3 (and more)

Free at leisure or participating in optional excursions in Ilulissat for example:

  • Guided cíty walk Ilulissat
  • Sermermiut
  • Dogsled Adventure day tours

Overnight stays at same hotel all nights


Last day in Greenland

Transfer by hotel shuttle to Ilulissat airport



If Guesthouse DKK 1630 per person in dbl. room

If Hotel Hvide Falk DKK 2100 per person in dbl. room

If Hotel Arctic DKK 3710 per peson in dbl. room (includes 2 course welcome dinner)



  • Accommodation in Ilulissat (3 nights)
  • Daily breakfast at hotel (not guesthouse)
  • Airport transfers in Ilulissat (not if guesthouse)
  • Welcome information meeting in Ilulissat





Ilulissat Dogsled Expedition

3 nights (or more)





Day 1

Arrival at Ilulissat

Transfer by hotel shuttle to the hotel for check-in

Welcome information meeting at our office in Ilulissat

Overnight stay at Hotel Hvide Falk


Day 2

Meeting with dogsled driver and preparation for expedition

Dogsled expedition takes off at noon

Stop at the hunters fishing grounds where they catch Halibut through holes in the ice

Dinner and overnight stay in simple hunters´ cabins


Day 3

Breakfast in the cabin

Expedition continues and terminates in Ilulissat in the afternoon

Overnight stay at Hotel Hvide Falk


Day 4

Transfer by hotel shuttle to Ilulissat airport


Price: DKK 7300 per person in dbl. room




  • 2 nights at Hotel Hvide Falk & 1 night in simple hunter´s cabin
  • Full board & polar sleeping bag during dogsled expedition
  • Daily breakfast at hotel
  • All above mentioned transfers
  • Meet & Greet / dogsled information meeting in Ilulissat





Most travllers will need transit accommodation in Copenhagen the night before and the night after flights to/from Greenland. We offer different transit packages for this: Airport hotels as well as centrally located hotel, budget as well as VIP service. Click for further information.

Departures Copenhagen

Departures Reykjavik

Nov. 2018 - Apr. 2019

Feb. 16th - Apr. 13th 2019

3 nights packages: Mon-, Tue- and Fridays

3 nights packages: Saturdays

4 nights packages: Thu- and Fridays

4 nights packages: Tuesdays

Departures Copenhagen

Departures Reykjavik

Mon- Tue-& Fridays: February to the end of April

Saturdays: 17th Feb - 7th April

Important Note!

Operation of all excursions is depending upon weather conditions. We therefore reserve the right to cancel or alter the operation of excursions if the power of nature should hold us back. We will of course always seek to offer an alternative. We also kindly ask you to pay attention to the special WAIVER RELEASE AGREEMENT REGARDING DOGSLEDDING IN GREENLAND - PLEASE CLICK HERE!