Flight Arrangement

Flight Arrangement

Why are flights not included

in the prices ?


Most airlines offer airfares which vary day by day depending upon demand, booking conditions and payment terms.


We, Greenland & Iceland Travel service are happy to arrange flights for our customers; however, the airfare can sometimes be cheaper if you book flights directly from the airlineĀ“s website.


We want to offer this cheaper possibility to our clients and we therefore offer our tour packages as "land only arrangements" without flights.


Still we are always happy to give advice how to book and how to find the best airfare, so please do not hestitate to ask us regarding flights also.












Flights from Denmark to Greenland:

Air Greenland www.airgreenland.com


Flights from Denmark to Iceland:

Icelandair www.icelandair.com

WOW air wowair.com

Flights from Denmark to Faroe Islands:

Atlantic Airways www.atlantic.fo

Scandinavian Airlines www.flysas.com


Flights between Iceland and Greenland

Air Iceland www.airiceland.is

Air Greenland www.airgreenland.com




When you book flights, it is very important to understand the different booking condition, for example:


  • When to pay?
  • Is it possible to rebook (change)?
  • How about cancellation and refund?
  • Is baggage included in the price?


When you book flight tickets with Greenland & Iceland Travel service, our price is often more expensive - however, our conditions regarding payment and cancellations are often better than the Internet purchase.


Additionally, when you purchase both flights and tour packages with us, the Danish Travel Guarantee Foundation will cover the whole journey.